About Global WIN

About Global WIN

Global WIN Technology Co., LTD. Is founded in 1992 in Taiwan by President Andy LIN with “WIN WIN WIN” philosophy – a good example, the tree, to explain the relationship and interaction among the customers, Global WIN and vendors: The customers are the leaves, GlobalWIN is the trunk and the vendors are the roots. Each of them has their own functions and rely on each other to survive. The only way to blossom and bear fruit is all these three parties must be growing healthly, WIN WIN WIN


Heatsink| Passive Air Cooling

Over past 2 decades, Global WIN realized the importance of cooling fan and to solve ventilation problems of computer, we engaged actively in the research and development of passive/active air cooling, Thermo-electric cooling for all different levels and brands of CPUs, system/HDD cooler, Chip cooler, 1U/2U server cooler, notebook cooler, heatpipe cooler, Nanometer Ceramic bearing fan…etc., and focus on high quality heatsink and good performance(air flow/air pressure/noise). Our heatsink have extrusion, Skived, heatpipe,soldering,CNC…etc. process, the factories are located in Yangmei, Taiwan, and Dongguan, China.

AC fan/DC fan|Active Air Cooling 

Foresight the AC/DC fan is the other vital components of heat dissipation, Global WIN invested in the AC/DC fan factory in Guanzhou, China in XXXX and established a AC/DC fan factory in Guandong, China in 2005. For over few years, Global WIN engaged in fan blades research to achieve best air flow & air pressure, bearing structure improvement for low noise, metal frame & blades for stout mechanical design. Nowadays Global WIN’s fan has widely applied in every fields: manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, OA products, IA appliance, information equipment, appliance apparatus, lighting equipment, power charging equipment, network equipment, transportation cooling system and many other products.

Conformity with Global WIN’s slogan -“We Solve your Thermal Problems”, from AC/DC fan to Aluminum/Copper extrusion/skived heatsink, we provide total thermal solutions.


Global WIN was founded in Taiwan in a space of 720 square feet (67) crowded with office and production line all together with total of 3 people working as delivery personnel, sales people in the afternoon, and production workers in the evening. We have been working diligently and prospered.


We expanded to a bigger place(Shih Lin District in Taipei), with space of 1800 square feet(168)


Fourth year, office/factory space: 3600 square feet(335); total number of personnel has increased to 20 people.


Our U.S. office has started its operation.


We bought and moved to our current office located in Taipei Science Park in Neihu.


We have established 500-people production lines in Dongguan, China to accommodate increasing worldwide sales demand.


Global WIN acquired Taiwan heatsink company in Yangmei, Taiwan.

One-Stop Service 

Global WIN has AC/DC fan,extrusion/ skived heatsink and assembly factory in Taiwan and China. On the other hand, Global WIN accumulated thermal solution experiences including AC/DC fan and Heatsink. From Research, conceptualization, design to production, Global WIN can satisfiy all customer’s demands, assisted with professional R&D group and strict quality control management.